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Details about the Riata Ranch Indoor Arena & Event Center calendar:


**PLEASE NOTE SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE**. If you have questions about a date/time please contact us.

This is not a sign-up sheet. The calendar is maintained by the management and trainers so everyone can see what's going on before coming out to the arena, but anyone can ride any time we are open (unless the time says to call-ahead to schedule) and everyone is expected to work respectfully together to share the arena space.


Times and info shown on the calendar can include:

  • Trainers' scheduled lessons

  • Special events like clinics that impact open riding availability

  • Maintenance

  • Priority (see the list below the calendar for details)​

Click here for the mobile/google calendar               Click here for the iCal version

Open Ride Priority: General open riding time there are no lessons scheduled. During this time we ask that you are respectful and courteous when making changes to the arena ie placing jumps, barrels,poles or other items out so that all riders can enjoy the arena.

Barrel/Gymkhana Priority: Barrels and Poles will be set up and there may be time tracking and lessons going on. 

Jumping Priority: Jumping and eventing lessons are scheduled so jumps will probably be set up in the indoor arena. This is not a license to leave a mess - please remove and store equipment when you're done using it.

Roping Priority: Roping practice will be taking place so the arena is closed for open riding.

Sorting/Team Penning Priority: Sorting pens will be in place with cattle typically there is not room for open riding during this time (this can vary during the summer so please feel free to call and check with us 307-316-3180)

HoofBall Priority: Large "soccer" balls will be in the arena as well as cones. You are welcome to open ride durning practice as long as you and your horse are comfortable with the activity.

Dressage Priority: Dressage lessons are scheduled so the indoor arena should be clear of jumps and poles unless all riders and trainers agree otherwise.


Youth & Beginner Priority: The majority of lessons for young riders and beginners are scheduled at these times. If you're a new rider this a great time to ride and if you're experienced please be extra aware.

Private Event / Clinic Priority: During these types of events the arena will be closed to the public, and there will not be open riding.

Public Event: During these types of events there will be no open riding, but the arena will be open to the public. An example of this type of event is a farmers' market.

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