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Andy steer roping at the Senior Steer Roping Finals.

Andy steer roping at the Senior Steer Roping Finals.

Andy & Georgeann Wearin have a rich history in the cowboy world. Andy was the manager of his family’s ranch, Wearin Brothers Cattle Company, outside of Hyannis Nebraska for many years where they raised horses, cows and hay. He is a steer roper and is active in the Senior Steer Ropers Association. Andy enjoys raising horses and loves nothing more than to have his hands on a horse.


All of Georgeann’s stories are true, except for the one’s that aren’t and they oughta be!!!

Georgeann grew up in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming and competed in the sport of rodeo as a young girl. Since then, she has raised three rodeo cowboys, Tucker, Coy & Trey Sheets. Georgeann enjoyed being a ranch wife and rodeo mom. She is also a free-lance writer and award winning western entertainer, she was awarded the “Cowgirl Poet of the Year” by the Academy of Western Artists in 1999. She has entertained all across the United States with her original western music, poetry and humor. Visit www.georgeannwearin.com for more information.

After visiting the Riata Ranch in the summer of 2012, the Wearin’s decided to make a life-change, they sold their ranch, purchased the Riata Ranch and moved to the great state of Wyoming which they have always loved! They are excited to host many different events at the Riata Ranch Indoor Arena. Andy’s sister, Catherine Wearin, is a partner in their new venture and their youngest son, Trey Sheets, is also employed at the event center.


Trey enjoys steer roping and team roping.


We all look forward to meeting you!

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